Crockery Hire

Do you have a big dinner party or formal occasion coming up? Come to Oliver Hire for all your crockery hire needs.

We have three Crockery Hire sets to choose from; The classic Dudson Range, The Scallop range which is wonderful for weddings or the Villeroy & Boch Range which adds an elegant touch to your dinner table.

We also have nag bowls, tea & coffee cups and saucers, teapots, cake stands and more!

If you’re a ‘foodie’ and can’t wait to show off your latest dish, come in and check out our huge range of serving platters.

To make your next dinner party a success, we invite you to come down to our Oliver Hire showroom to view our fantastic range of crockery!

Crockery TypeSize Price
Dudson Dinner Plates11"$0.60
Dudson Dinner Plates10"$0.60
Dudson Entree Plates8"$0.60
Dudson Bread & Butter Plate6"$0.60
Scallop Dinner Plates11"$0.60
Scallop Dinner Plates10"$0.60
Scallop Entree Plates8"$0.60
Scallop Bread & Butter Plate6"$0.60
Villeroy & Boch Dinner Plates - Adriana Rangs11"$0.75
Villeroy & Boch Dinner Plates - Adriana Rangs10"$0.75
Villeroy & Boch Dinner Entree - Adriana Rangs8"$0.75
Villeroy & Boch Bread & Butter Plates - Adriana Rangs6"$0.75
Dessert Bowl $0.60
Cup & Saucer $0.60
Coffee Mug$0.60
Salt & Pepper Shaker Does not come with salt or pepper$1.10
Cream / Milk Jug$1.10
Gravy Boat$1.10
Butter Dish $1.00
Splay - various $0.35
Platters - Various Price on application
**Prices are correct at time of publishing but subject to change without further notice
TypeSize Price
Hot Water Urns10ltr / 44 Cups$22.00
Hot Water Urns 20 ltr / 88 Cups$27.50
Coffee Percolators55 Cups$30.00
Coffee Percolators100 Cups$40.00
Coffee Plunger 8 Cups$8.00
Coffee Plunger 12 Cups$12.00
Tea Pot - Aluminium20 Cups$3.50
Tea Pot - Royal Dalton (Porcelain)6 Cups$12.00
Tea Pot - Stainless Steel6 Cups$3.50
Gas Hot Water Urn$88.00
**Prices are correct at time of publishing but subject to change without further notice