Marquee for Weddings

  • Stunning white marquees
  • Up to 10m x 20m to suit the largest of weddings
  • Ask Oliver Hire for inside Marquee designs
  • Clear or white sides available
  • Full range of marquee accessories available from dance floors to lighting
  • Our decorative elements will create a stunning wedding marquee
  • We can assist with council approvals or possible venues
Clear Roof Marquee in Northern Beaches
Party Hire Northern Beaches

Wedding Marquee Hire and Local Councils

  • Council Permission has to be obtained for ceremony and reception.
  • Oliver Hire will check with council and ask for paper work concerning hire.
  • Certificate of Currency can be obtain from Oliver Hire and presented to council.
  • Access has to be cleared for Oliver Hire to get trucks in.
  • Need to get keys to council gates. Oliver Hire more than happy to help, but this needs to be discussed with us.

Installation and Removal

  • We will arrange the best time to arrive for set-up. You must be there on time or waiting fees will apply.
  • Marquee Area to be marked and spotter to be there and ready for Oliver Hire trucks to turn up.
  • Oliver Hire must be told or shown exactly where the access to parks and council land.


  • We have an extensive range of traditional or contemporary wedding accessories
  • Decorate yourself or book Oliver Hire!

Rubbish and Cleaning

  • Oliver Hire will not take your rubbish. Please plan to have this organised, council will organise bins etc when needed
  • You might need to hire a toilet if in park. Council permission needs to be sorted


  • Professional Caterers are much more risk free for your big day. While friends of friends may seem a good option our experience has shown that it may add a lot of extra worries to your big day
  • All caterers need to read the list of requirement on the hire and abide by the hire rules

Extra Fees

  • A fee will apply if waiting time may apply.
  • Oliver Hire will not pay for any parking fees for their trucks.
  • If you can not please let Oliver Hire know as we will charge a extra $100.00 depending on the amount. All catering equipment has to be left as it was hired. Cleaned or cleaning fee will apply.

Oliver Hire has an extensive range of wedding marquee decorative elements including

    • Dance Floors
    • Stages
    • Marquee Lining
    • Bird Cages
    • Chalk Boards
    • Red Carpets and Bollars
    • Glasses
    • Tables of all sizes
    • Bar Island with socks
    • Ice tubs (different types)
    • Bars

Please visit our wedding hire accessories page for the complete range.

Wedding Marquee Hire Sydney price List

CLIP FRAME FREE STANDING for paved, concrete or grass yards
Meters Feet Price Trestle Round
3 x 3 10′ x 10′ $ 160.00
3 x 6 10′ x 20′ $ 320.00
3 x 9 10′ x 30′ $ 450.00
3 x 12 10′ x 40′ $ 640.00 seated at tables
6 x 6 20′ x 20′ $ 520.00



6 x 9 20′ x 30′ $ 750.00



6×12 20′ x 40′ $1,000.00



6 x 15 20′ x 50′ $1,260.00



6 x 18 20′ x 60′ $1,500.00



10 x 10 32′ x 32′ $1,400.00



10 x 15 32′ x 50′ $2,100.00



10 x 20 32′ x 64′ $2,800.00



White Sides $ 20.00
Clear Sides 5 or 6 mtr $ 45.00
Weights 20kg $8.00

Setup, Delivery and Pickup costs apply

*Prices are correct at time of publication but subject to change without further notice.